Tobias Bürger, Rupert Westenthaler, Georg Güntner, Christian Eckes, Felix Zielke, Janez Zaletelj, and Richard Wages
Semantic-based Realization of Novel iTV Formats for the Broadcasting of Media Events
Abstract: Broadcasting of media events is a real-time action demanding reliable just in time decisions based on the current content of incoming video streams and the availability of background material. Novel iTV formats for broadcasting this type of event thus demand monitoring of multiple streams and background material. Due to the potentially large amount of streams and other available material, manual monitoring is likely to fail on the long term. We therefore developed an indexing pipeline based on semantic technologies that enables real-time analysis of broadcasted streams and reliable content recommendations of streams and background material based on formal machine understandable descriptions of content. Our approach enables real-time interpretation of broadcasted streams and thus establishes a bridge over the "Semantic Gap" in video analysis.