Jérôme Thoma
Master's Thesis: Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques for Real-Time Character Animation
Abstract: This diploma thesis presents the results of an investigation into the use of NPR techniques in real-time applications. Apart from a theoretical introduction to NPR from different viewpoints (including computer graphics, art theory and cognitive psychology), the major part of the thesis is dedicated to the development and analysis of non-photorealistic shading models and methods for outline drawings. Most of the algorithms are based on known techniques that we extended and modified to increase visual quality and to achieve interactive frame-rates. Furthermore we devised a novel hardware-accelerated approach to visibility determination for lines, that allows to render outline drawings that are reminiscent of hand-drawn sketches. Each rendering algorithm is accompanied by an efficient OpenGL implementation. Although this work focuses on character animation, the requirements are similar to those in game development, i.e. high frame-rates, efficient usage of the graphics hardware and the ability to handle deformable meshes of arbitrary topology.