Last Update: June 2006

Projects in chronological order
List of the projects by members of the NOMADS Lab team during the past years.
LIVE - Live Staging of Media Events
2006 - 2009, Research Project in the 6th Framework of the EU IST
The central idea of LIVE is to create novel intelligent content production methods and tools for interactive digital broadcasters to stage live media events such as the 2008 Olympic Games. For the professional user staging live media events means creating a nonlinear multi-stream video show in real-time, which changes due to the interests of the consumer (end user). To allow for that we have to set up an intelligent media framework and develop a knowledge and tool kit for an intelligent live content production process including dynamic human annotation and automated real-time annotation. LIVE Homepage

MECiTV - Media Collaboration for iTV
2002-2005, IST Research Project
Creation of the non linear Docu Drama "Vision Europe" with the help of a new iTV Authoring Platform for iTV. [more..]

alVRed - Non-Linear Dramaturgy in Virtual Environments
2001 - 2004, Framework Programme: BMBF-VR/AR
The goal of the alVRed project is to provide the tools and methods for the realisation of non-linear dramaturgy in VR environments. To achieve this goal we are developing a rule type of VR specific dramaturgic principles and an easy-to-use VR authoring tool for the storyboarding and creation of non-linear scenarios and stories. [more..]

mQube - A Mobile Multi-User Mixed Reality Environment
2001 - 2004, Framework Programme: BMBF-VR/AR
The objective of this project is to simplify and boost the teamwork during the planning process of the stage design for opera, theatre and concert productions by using augmented reality (the visual mix of real and virtual objects) [more..]

TCBS - TransContent Cross Media Broadcasting System
2000 - 2001, commercial Media Project
Development of a new authoring tool and content management system for cross media broadcasting (iTV, PC, Mobile, PDA, Print) by the TransContent AG. [more..]

EMBASSI - Multimodal Assistance for Infotainment and Service Infrastructures
1999 - 2003, Framework Programme: BMBF-MTI
For the achievement of anthropomorphic assistance by embodied conversational agents the perceived verbal and nonverbal behaviour and the underlying principles and algorithms have to be modelled and implemented. [more..]

METATV - MetaTV iTV Portal
1999 - 2000, commercial Media Project
Creation of an iTV Platform for MetaTV AG. This platform gave access via set top boxes to interactive politival, sport, family, music and film news. [more..]

Computer Science, Art Theory and Artistic Practice of novel Imagery Technologies
1999 - 2003
The project aims at the scientific foundation and monitoring for the exploration and proving of artistic practices in terms of 'Cultural Education in the Media Age'. The central question is, whether and under what conditions the possibilities of interactive multi-media software can be used in the domain of art for an extension of artistic forms of expression.
Funded by the state North Rhine - Westphalia and the German Ministry of Education and Research.

Distributed Virtual TV Production in the Gigabit Test Bed North Rhine - Westphalia
1998 - 2000
Cooperation project of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with the GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik (now: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft).
Funded by the Deutsches Forschungsnetz Berlin.

Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds
Cooperation project of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with the Psychology Department of the University Cologne. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Research of the state North Rhine - Westphalia.

G.A.M.E. I & II - German American Media Exchange
1997-1999 Research Project
Development of a Net Collaboration Centre for American and German Students with multi stream video conferencing and web authoring tools to create web itv shows. [more..]

TLC - Technical Learning Centre
1997-1998, Commercial E-Learning Research Project
Creation of a online learning community for technical experts with live online teaching via streaming video and connection to a large media archive for off line learning. [more..]

1997 - Media Exhibition, New York City, Cologne, Leipzig
Audio Visual Media Exhibition with American and German media artists and performers. A peep show with 3-D slides, videos and live performance hidden behind a black wall with small wholes for the audience [more..]