Publications of Carmen Mac Williams in chronological order
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Richard Wages, Carmen Mac Williams, Stefan M. Grünvogel, Georg Trogemann
Video Composer and Live Video Conductor: Future Professions for the Interactive Digital Broadcasting Industry
Beyond Usability, Broadcast, and TV - EuroITV 2006: Fourth European Interactive TV Conference, May 25 - 26, 2006, Athens, Greece. (submitted)

Carmen Mac Williams, Richard Wages, Stefan M. Grünvogel, Georg Trogemann
Virtual Personalised Channels: Video Conducting of Future iTV
Proceedings of the EWIMT 2005: Second European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media Technologies, 30 November - 1 December, 2005, IEE Savoy Place, London.
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Richard Wages, Carmen Mac Williams, Barbara Ostermann
Identification of Dramaturgical Principles
Information Society Technologies 2001-33730, Report D2.2, Media Collaboration for Interactive TV, 2003.
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