Carmen Mac Williams
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Carmen Mac Williams is an Artist with an interdisciplinary background in media, theatre, technology and law. Born 1964 in Germany, she studied Computer Technology at the City University of New York and Law at the University of Bonn, Germany and at the New York Law School. She worked as a media and theatre artist in NYC in the 80s. She is Co-Founder of the Media Art Laboratory Gargoyle Mechanique and the theatre group Alchemical Theatre in Downtown Manhattan. In the 90s she returned to Germany and co-founded the theatre group Ecstatic Theatric and the non-profit art organisation German American Culture bridge. She realised media research and development projects in the field of content streaming, tele-learning and cross media broadcasting for TV-Stations, government agencies and media companies and worked as creative director for an interactive TV company. She was the CEO of the media company TransContent AG for interactive TV. The company was sold in 2001. In 2002 she joined the Institute Laboratory for Mixed Realities at the Academay of Media Arts Cologne and was the Project Manager of the European Research Project MECiTV. Since 2006 she is working for the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and takes part in the European Research Project LIVE.