Optical Promises
1997 - Media Exhibition, New York City, Cologne, Leipzig

Audio Visual Media Exhibition with American and German media artists and performers. A peep show with 3-D slides, videos and live performance hidden behind a black wall with small wholes for the audience. A live non linear show with Jeanne Liotta, Carmen Waldorf, Gernot Bogumil and Henry Freeman, where at the same time behind one wall many events happen at the same time. The audience can not watch everything at the same time, rather they have to chose between different wholes to see different parts of the show (e.g. a piano player in one corner, a woman in furs seducing a man, a leg of another performer to close to the wall, a changing 3-D Slideshow, strange videos eating themselves up.
Places: Rhenania, Cologne, Alchemical Theatre, NYC, Moritz Bastei, Leipzig.