MECiTV - Media Collaberation for iTV
2002 - 2005, IST Research Project of the 5th framework programme

The main objective of MECITV has been to create a future authoring platform and tools to support the media artist to develop non linear TV-stories having better access to inspirational contents of digital archives. For this an authoring tool has been developed for interactive storytelling based on the implementations of emergent methods and on the formalisation of dramaturgical principles. This tool allows the author to create non-linear scripts for i-TV. Also an Intelligent Search and Retrieval Tools has been developed for access to multi component digital archives. This tool enables a research in digital archives while watching the interactive movie. To demonstrate the performance of the developed tools the prototype interactive TV docu drama "Vision Europe" has been be created and has been shown in an interactive TV test bed.
The work of this project has been done in an interdisciplinary team of researchers, technicians and artists. In order to develop a truly Creativity Support Center for the artists they have to be involved into the creation process of the authoring platform and tools. Therefore in MECITV the involved artists and journalists have not been end users, they have been the "artistic developers, tester and professional user" of the system. The end user (consumer) has been the audience of the broadcasters. In the first phase researchers and artists have analysed dramaturgical principles, examined Emergent Narratives for i-TV and defined criteria for interactive media-access. The identification of the artistic/ journalistic requirements has served as input for the technical team members to define specifications for the basic system architecture and software for the authoring platform and tools and for the artists and journalists as input for the interactive concept. In the second phase the authoring tool, the search and retrieval tool and the MHP interface has been developed and the interactive concept created. In the third phase the tools have been integrated to a production environment. The Application Prototyping has taken place by production of a non linear interactive story using the integrated Authoring Platform and tools. In a Field Trial the interactive story has been presented. The results of the Application Prototyping and Field Trial have been evaluated, disseminated and exploited leading to a Technology Implementation Plan and the formation of a virtual European laboratory, the NOMADS Lab, to produce on a long term basis new content, formats and tools for interactive TV.
The consortium leader was the LMR, Institute at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (Germany), the Project Manager Carmen Mac Wiliams
The partners were JRS (Austria), ORF (Vienna, Austria), SHS Systemi (Italy), Sofia University (Bulgaria)