About the NOMADS Lab
The NOMADS Lab was an interdisciplinary public non-profit research organisation founded in 2003. The research aimed at the development of novel media content, formats and technologies, hence the name 'NOMADS' which is an acronym for Non-Linear Media: Art, Development and Science. By its interdisciplinary structure the NOMADS Lab promoted the strong collaboration between artists, developers and scientists from various disciplines (mathematics, physics, biology, computer science). The members of the NOMADS Lab realised projects in fields as
  • non-linear storytelling
  • intelligent digital content
  • semantic annotation
  • computer games, transreality games, non-linear live reality games
  • next generation authoring platforms
  • creative tools
  • interactive TV
  • virtual and augmented reality / mixed realities

  • The founding members of the NOMADS Lab were the former research power of the LMR (Institute at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne), from which the NOMADS Lab emerged. The team has carried out numerous research projects on European and national level as consortium leader and partner, including IST-Research of the European Commission.

    The NOMADS Lab disbanded in 2015.